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Governance & Legal Services Small Business Governance & Legal Services


  • General Legal Advice and Services

    General Legal Advice and Services

    It is a fact that today we all need to reasonably protect ourselves from legal risk. Too often that realisation means formal and expensive legal advice. It is our objective to break that paradigm; that is to make advice accessible and affordable. We would be happy to discuss any scenario; if we do not know or if we do not specialise in that area of a law, we are building a network that we can refer you too. At this stage we are committed to practice in regard to commercial (corporations) and criminal law and have an emerging interest in family law. So, contact us first – save time and money.


  • Board Effectiveness Assessments

    Board Effectiveness Assessments

    ALL Boards should consider an annual independent effectiveness assessment. Many Boards avoid this given the cost – well one of the core reasons for establishing Ballara was to break that cycle. We commit to a quotation that will be significantly lower than what Boards have committed to previously. The product is excellent – a survey, interview and report process conducted entirely at the discretion of the Chair and the Board – entirely confidential. Please contact us for details. The process will, at the discretion of the Board, include senior management representatives. So, contact us first – save time and money.


  • Business Process Review (ie. Reporting and Improvement)

    Business Process Review (ie. Reporting and Improvement)

    We do not know of a ‘perfect’ business process. An independent review, based on a proven international standard, can be conducted across ANY business process and will identify two facts; what is working and what can be improved. The best source of information, yet the most often ignored, are those within the system. Put those views together with stakeholder (including clients) and you suddenly have a holistic picture on which to base decisions. So, contact us first – save time and money.


  • Governance Advice and Services

    Governance Advice and Services

    Governance can mean different things to different people and in varying circumstances. Board Governance for example relates those processes that facilitate the business of the Board, pre-meeting, the actual meeting and post meeting for example. Organisationally governance generally relates to the processes and structures that enable the business to ‘work’. This can include, but is not limited to, a policy framework. ‘Good governance’ is essential in any of its contexts to enable and ensure optimal business performance. We also conduct workplace investigations. A governance review is a Ballara specialisation so contact us first – save time and money.


  • Complaint Management: Processes and Frameworks

    Complaint Management: Processes and Frameworks

    Many businesses, be it private, public or not for profit sectors, deploy a process to manage the reception of complaints. The sophistication of those processes varies greatly. Ballara believe in a common sense complaint management model – reception, evaluation, investigation and resolution; the process can and arguably should include a conciliation mechanism. Many complaint processes are inherently inefficient, costing FTE, time and money. Ballara will assess the viability of you outsourcing your complaint management process to us – consider the possibilities of that approach in terms of efficiency. Contact us soon to discuss.


  • Strategy & Business Planning

    Strategy & Business Planning

    Failing to plan is planning to fail - the most basic of business requirements. Much is made of terms such as vision, mission and strategic planning; all have their place however can and do overwhelm. Let Ballara simplify this process for you through discussion, listening, analysis and researching your business and its position in its market. We then present a simple framework which can serve as the strategic framework, on which the business plan and key performance indicators can be formulated. This is a true partnership process – contact us now to discuss.


  • Risk & Compliance Management Frameworks

    Risk & Compliance Management Frameworks

    Another aspect that can overwhelm a business. A genuine Ballara capability, we will work with you to:

    1. Assess the risk environment in which your business operates and
    2. Ensure that you have a process to encourage and achieve legislative and regulatory compliance.

    We have developed a simple risk and compliance register process that is easily migrated to any business environment. Its data is easy to understand and then to apply to planning and mitigation processes, whilst also providing you with peace of mind.